Olive Oil from La Rioja

Using a great quality fruit, new and better structures, local varieties and the daily implementation of ecological techniques, the olive oil from La Rioja is a quality model product of the region.

The olive tree farming is rooted since ages in Rioja Media, the Cidacos and Alhama Valleys. The tradition of olive tree farming is linked to the quality, so this is the base of Protected Designation of Origin of La Rioja.

The production and elaboration are aimed at obtaining a natural product to enhance the characteristics of the fruit.

The olive varieties covered by this PDO are: Redondilla, Macho or Machona, Royal or Royuelo, Arbequina, empeltre, Negral, Hojiblanca, Arróniz, Verdial, Picual, Cornicabra, Manzanilla and Blanqueta. The use of transgenic varieties is prohibited.

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