Camerano Cheese

La Rioja has a cheese old tradition in Sierra de Cameros. The production of the cheese was extended to other areas in La Rioja because of the movement of goats through mountains and valleys looking for pasture.

Nowadays the cheese is produced in the same way but with new tools. To stand out, the cheese has the PDO, that protects the cottage, soft, semi-matured and matured cheese. All of them made with milk from goats (Serrana, Murciano-granadiana, Malagueña and Alpina goat breeds) fed with natural vegetation and products of the region.

The process of obtaining milk and cheese production, maturation, curing and packaging is made in La Rioja where goats and pastures are located: Rioja Alta, the mountains of Rioja Media and Rioja Baja.

The Camerano Cheese has a peculiar flavour and specific shape because is made with a special mould: cillas.

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