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Flemish Vol-au-Vent

A vol-au-vent is the French name for a baked puff pastry batter. The name means ‘windblown’ and describes the lightness of the pastry.
A round opening is cut in the top and the pastry cut out for the opening is replaced as a lid after the case is filled. In Flanders the pastry is filled with a chicken, meatball and mushroom sauce.

  • Make small meatballs from the minced meat and boil them in the stock until cooked
  • Rub the mushrooms clean and fry them in little butter or margarine
  • Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper
  • Remove the bones, grease and skin from the boiled chicken
  • Cut the chicken in small pieces
  • Make a white sauce with the butter or margarine, flower, cream and stock and add the egg yolks and lemon juice
  • Mix in the mushrooms, chicken pieces, meatballs and grated cheese
  • Heat the baked puff pastry batters in the oven
  • Remove them from the oven and fill them with the hot sauce
  • Serve with fries or rice.

Potato Dumplings with Sheep Cheese

The most typical Slovak national food is Bryndzové Halušky with bacon. This is made from potato dough mixed with a special kind of sheep cheese – „bryndza“ that tastes best in the so called cottages of shepherds or mountain chalets. The dish is topped by fried bacon lardons and some of the fat. Bryndzové halušky is best eaten with buttermilk or acidified milk. Slovakia can boast a remarkable world curiosity. Every year, in the mountain village of Turecká at the foot of the Veľká Fatra mountains, lovers of bryndzové halušky meet at the European championship for cooking and consuming of this dish.


Styrian Fried Chicken Salad

The reason why Styrian fried chicken in particular is so famous has a lot to do with the “Sulmtal Geflügel” (“Sulmtal poultry”), which is now undergoing something of a revival. Since the 17th century, this name has been given to the particularly fleshy capons and poulards which proved highly popular amongst the nobility of Europe. During the Habsburg Monarchy, this delicious poultry was even supplied to markets on the far side of the Alps, as far away as Trieste and Marburg.


  • 4 baked puff pastry batters
  • 1 boiled soup chicken
  • 250 g/8,8 oz minced meat
  • 150 g/5,3 oz grated cheese
  • 250 g/8,8 oz mushrooms
  • 100 g/3,5 oz butter or margarine
  • 100 g/3,5 oz flower
  • 1 l/1 quart chicken stock
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1,5 dl/0,15 quarts cream
  • juice of 1,5 lemon


  • 4 people

Preparation time

  • 10 minutes

Cook time

  • 40 minutes

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