Discover a rare gem of European biodiversity

Nigel Marven, a renowned British wildlife filmmaker, took breathtaking footage of natural beauty during the time he spent in Slovakia. Best of all, these enchanting experiences are accessible to everyone. Prepare for cute rodents accustomed to humans, Europe’s largest land mammal roaming the primeval forest, and the colorful Flying Jewel waiting to be petted.

A meadow full of cuddly rodents

Imagine Mr. Marven completely covered by cute European ground squirrels. “You won’t experience this anywhere else in the world,” he says, smiling broadly in the film that premiered in January 2024. No booking is required; just stock up on sunflower seeds and visit a meadow near the hamlet of Biele Vody in Muránska Planina National Park. One of the best ways to explore pristine, lush valleys and stunning mountain meadows of this Green Heart of Slovakia is on a semi-wild Hucul horse.

A rendezvous with chamois

An unforgettable encounter awaits in the High Tatras. The smallest alpine mountain range in the world is home to unique wildlife that lives only here. Walking through the evergreens and alpine meadows, you may encounter the Tatra alpine marmot, a robust rodent famous for its high-pitched whistle. On the rocky slopes, you can see agile Tatra chamois gracefully navigating the challenging terrain. As you admire the 2000m peaks around you, keep an eye out for majestic golden eagles soaring above. To spot the largest predator, the brown bear, hire an experienced guide to show you the best places to observe them from a safe distance.

Tiger of the Slovak forests

Head north into the Malá Fatra National Park and with some luck, you’ll catch a glimpse of Slovakia’s largest native cat, the Eurasian lynx. A hike to the most photogenic peak in Slovakia, Veľký Rozsutec, leads you through wild gorges and narrow canyons with beautiful waterfalls, where you might spot this “phantom”, so-named due to its elusive nature. Look out for ear tufts, a black spotted coat, and a curly tail.

Bisons in the Ancient Forest

Head far east to the Poloniny National Park, protected by UNESCO, to see Europe’s largest land mammal, the wild European bison. If you follow the marked trails, you’ll see how the forests looked thousands of years ago. Make camp under the starry sky and observe the Milky Way, perfectly visible to the naked eye due to the very low level of light pollution in this area.

Jewels in Slovak Amazonia

The inland Danube Delta near the capital city of Bratislava introduces you to the maze of river tributaries, marshes, wetlands and islands of lush willow and fir floodplain forests. This area is home to the European beaver and river otter, as well as protected bird species such as the white-tailed eagle, heron and kingfisher. The latter is nicknamed the “flying jewel” due to its beautiful coloring. You can even hold it in your hand! Head to the bird sanctuary near the famous spa town of Piešťany and book a tour with an ornithologist.

This is just the beginning – come to Slovakia and see for yourself!

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