In the margins of the Spanish rivers Segura and Mundo, in the municipalities of Calasparra, Moratalla and Hellin (Murcia and Albacete provinces), grows the rice that has been given the Denomination of Calasparra Origin. The production area is about 1000 hectares, in which the quality of the irrigation water, the altitude of the area, and the relatively cold climate give the white and brown rice produced here a strong local character.

Calasparra rice is grown free from pesticides and herbicides and is processed without the use of any chemicals. It is carefully harvested, cleaned, selected and packaged at its place of origin and must be of the “Bomba” and “Balilla X Sollana” varieties, which are traditionally grown in this area. This rice is classed within the two following types: Extra and First-Class.

It is widely appreciated for its flavour, its hardness and its absorbency of flavours during cooking, in addition to the fact that it stays loose and grainy.

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