A Delicious Tale of Two Countries

The best way to understand a country is through its food, where regionally inspired dishes tell the story of the land. Food is culture and part of the tapestry that forms a proud identity, a passion you’ll feel when breaking bread with locals. Nowadays, modern twists and a respect for tradition elevate recipes of the past to the heights of Michelin stars.

Croatia’s Coastal Delights and Continental Cuisine

The sea provides a bounty from Dalmatia in southern Croatia to Istria in the north and over the border into Slovenia. From grilled sardines and octopus straight from the Adriatic to Croatian classics like black risotto and superb bluefin tuna.

Closer to shore, in the Bay of Mali Ston, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon enjoying some of the Mediterranean’s finest oysters accompanied by Dalmatian wines and views of 500-year-old fortress walls.

Along the rivers of eastern Croatia, in Slavonia and Baranja, you’ll find a striking dish, carp on a fork; a butterflied carp set on a large fork and cooked slowly over an open flame.

For meat lovers, the classic peka is a must. The original “slow-and-low”, a peka is a bell-shaped lid under which any meat (or seafood) you like is slow-cooked with veggies and simple spices. Every bite melts in your mouth.

What’s the easiest way to enhance a prime steak or handmade pasta? Truffles.

The peak of luxury flavor, truffles are abundant in Istria, and you can even go hunting with the pros – the dogs. A kilo of white truffle can go for over $3,000, so these dogs are the best in the business.

A Canopy of Michelin Stars

Combine fresh catch and premium meats with crisp produce and passionate, culinary artisans and you have the perfect recipe for world-class dining experiences. In Croatia, that translates to plenty of Michelin stars.

Slovenia’s top chefs have earned the highest of honors too with many Michelin star restaurants highlighting the country’s diverse cuisine. One restaurant shines a bit brighter though due to its two Michelin stars, Hiša Franko, a culinary experience from one of the world’s top seven chefs.

Meals with a Distinctly Slovenian Flare for Adventure

Slovenia’s menu is as diverse as its landscapes. 24 distinct gastronomic regions take you from the sea-inspired dishes of Izola’s brodet and the exceptional Piran sea bass to hearty mountain fare like Kranjska sausage and stews that keep you fueled to take on the stunning alpine landscapes.

For those short on time, no problem, there’s a place where you can try the best dishes from all over the country – Ljubljana’s Open Kitchen. Pogačar Square is where all the flavors, scents and colors of Slovenia’s cuisine meet.

Being the adventure capital that it is, some meals come with a side of adrenaline. So, if eating at ground level is too tame, why not try above or below it?

The cable cars of Krvavec Ski Resort become a floating restaurant in the summer with stunning panoramas of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the only thing better than the view might be the gourmet meal. Underground, in Velenje, you can indulge in world-class cuisine paired with premiere local wines in Slovenia’s deepest dining room, a mine shaft 160 meters below the surface.

Seasoned with Love

Local herbs and spices are used to season every dish but it’s the Mediterranean salt that’s the secret.

Salt pans stretch from Ston and Pag in Croatia to Piran and Portorož in Slovenia. Salt was even more crucial in the Middle Ages, making up a third of the Ragusa Republic’s economy (present-day Dubrovnik)!

Savor the Flavors of Slovenia and Croatia

From soulful seafood to stick-to-the-ribs mountain fare and everything in between, when you come to Croatia and Slovenia, bring your appetite. Let time slip away in the most memorable places you can imagine, where the only thing better than the cuisine is the company.

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