L’Europe à table

Learn the culture of a country by its culinary art is one of the main pleasures of travel. The food is a tangible reflection of geography, history and culture of a country. Nothing is more enjoyable than a country to appreciate its gastronomy (English), and each region has something original to add to the menu. From breakfast to dessert, exploring the various flavors of Europe (English) will be one of the most rewarding aspects of your trip.

Irish Traditional restaurant Traditional Irish restaurants offer plenty of good food, good drinks and charm.

Start with the most important meal of the day, lunch. In Ireland and the UK, the « full breakfast » or « English breakfast » consisting of bacon, sausage, eggs and a variety of side dishes, will give you enough energy for a full day of visits . Or opt for the continental breakfast, consisting of pastries, fruit and cheese, before heading out into town and explore shops and museums. No breakfast in Europe is complete without a cup of coffee or tea.

If you have a low around dinner time in Benelux [link to Benelux area], do you find traditional moules frites. Fresh mussels sauteed with white wine, onions and other vegetables served with a crispy fries, often with mayonnaise rather than ketchup. Water them of the famous Belgian beers, then visit a brewery to learn more about the brewing tradition in Belgium [link to photo gallery beer].

Norway In Norway Aumon make a fresh salmon His dinner is a must.

Stop for a good taste of Greek meze. These dishes that look like appetizers are served in cafes and bars throughout the country and often enjoyed in a festive atmosphere. Meze can have different flavors, be served hot or cold, and is made with meat or shellfish. Add some ice cold ouzo, and you will feel integrated and surrounded by lots of new friends in no time.  

The gelato offer Hundreds of different flavors That are to guide your stay in Italy.

When it’s dinner time in Scandinavia, rather choose a Norwegian fresh salmon from Norway’s famous fjords. In addition to their famous meatballs, Sweden offers world class restaurants, traditional or modern, and has quickly become a destination sought after for its award-winning cuisine. You will discover contemporary cuisine more innovative in Finland and Iceland.  

Each meal should end with a delicious dessert and a digestive or coffee. Whether it is a soft and creamy ice cream in Italy, or a wonderful part Sachertorte in Vienna, Austria, keep some space for dessert. This crown your gourmet trip to Europe.


Vagues, soleil et sable.

Search the best beach in Europe can be a difficult task, especially in an area that you do not know well. But in Europe, you’ll know you’ve found the ideal place to surf or sunbathe with a symbol – a blue flag. The Beaches European Blue Flag must meet selective water quality criteria, safety and environmental compliance to qualify as ideal place to sunbathe, swim or play. Luckily, there are more than 4,000 beaches which have met the criteria Blue Flag in the world, and Europe has the majority.