Las Vías Verdes más aventureras de Europa

There are many routes to travel through Europe. However, only some will approach the heart of the continent, making the way to travel is a fundamental part of your adventure. They are traveling with their own efforts instead of a motor vehicle. The European expansion of routes called “greenways” make this possible.

The greenways are a relatively new initiative in Europe, but are gaining popularity. They provide avenues for sustainable non-motorized vehicles in both urban and rural areas of Europe. Greenways rates ranging from picturesque covered roads grass or newly created urban bike trails, including trails.

So, change the conventional mode of transportation for something more adventurous in its next route through Europe. Whether you are an amateur photographer, an occasional hiker or a professional cyclist, greenways offer a unique look to Europe by roads less traveled.

The Green Routes in Spain Greenways winding in Spain are among the best in Europe.
The Green Routes in Spain Greenways winding in Spain are among the best in Europe.

Try cycling from Prague to Vienna along 400 km of greenways, enjoying the vast rural scenery along the way. Walking trip through Spain along railways also appointed recovered Greenways . Or just a walk in the afternoon by the North London along the Paseo de Parkland. Be sure to visit the Greenway Klarälvsbanan in Sweden and enjoy 90 kilometers of lush riverside scenery. This is just a small example of the thousands of kilometers of greenways spread throughout Europe.

Of course, greenways provide more than an adventurous way to travel. They also play an important role in the preservation of the European natural and cultural heritage. In such a busy and historic region as Europe, sustainable destinations protect their infrastructure while helping to preserve the environment. When traveling through greenways, tourists and locals alike have the opportunity to experience the most pristine and best preserved parts of Europe, giving them an experience of active and spiritual journey that simply can not get with traditional trips.

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