Europe is amazing for young travelers. Dusty, touristy, same-same? Not a chance. Traveling the continent can mean the hottest clubs, immersive museum experiences, and adrenaline sports, seeing street art where it’s legal, taking a deep into nature, skimming down a zip line or flying in a hang-glider. It all depends on what you want to see, feel and experience. Touch ancient walls and walk the path of your ancestors; meet, eat, and dance with the locals. You can probably plan your entire trip from your smartphone, and you’ll surely find new friends everywhere. Europe is it – for anyone young, or even just young at heart.

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Traveling to Europe with teens: our perfect quad!

Here’s how our family discovered that traveling with our sons is amazing.

Antwerp, best of two worlds

A vibrant Flemish city with a rich heritage.

Your heart will skip a beat in Slovenia

The best outdoor adventures for young at heart!

Slovakia’s surprising spirit

Time to unleash your inner adventurer!

Czechia for young travelers

Tips for adventure and trips in Czech cities.

Island-hopping in Croatia

Unforgettable summer experiences.

Denmark for young spirits

Ready for an unforgettable summer?

Exciting nature – Zlatibor

Nature from a Serbian perspective!

Unique Swiss museums

Visit unusual collections in the Alps.

Young Romania

Unforgettable summer experiences!

Street art in Estonia

Discover a vibrant art scene in Tallinn and Tartu!

Visit Portugal with friends

Holidays in Portugal with a youthful spirit!

Germany for young travelers

Germany’s large cities have everything you need for your city break.

Summer holidays in Greece

It’s time to take a summer holiday!

Hot summer cities in Finland

Welcome to the land of the Midnight Sun!

Cyprus, the ideal destination for young travelers

The ideal destination for young travelers!

Ireland for adventurers

An island treat for young sightseers!

Tips for young travelers in the Netherlands

Unmissable UNESCO sites in the Netherlands.

Poland for young visitors

Where adventure awaits!

The European Pioneer in Sustainable Tourism: Middelfart

Middelfart, a Danish city  is the 2022 European Destination of Excellence.

The Smart Tourism Experience: Valencia & Bordeaux Leading the Way

Meet Bordeaux and Valencia the 2022 European Capitals of Smart Tourism.

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