The best outdoor adventures for young at heart

Slovenia is an amazing outdoor destination, making it perfect for young travelers seeking daring summer adventures. Thanks to diverse landscapes in a relatively small area, in Slovenia you can combine several different adventures, on the water, in the air, on land, or underground.

It’s summer, so let’s start with water activities. Rafting is certainly the number one adrenaline adventure; kayaking and canoeing are also popular. Beginners can start on tamer rivers and more experienced paddlers can take on  tougher river challenges. For a hefty dose of adrenaline, choose canyoning, where you take a walk along a narrow riverbed, climb natural obstacles,  jump boldly into pools, and slide down hair-raising waterfalls. Then there’s hydrospeeding, which offers the most direct contact with the river. If you’re looking for the latest adrenaline challenge, you can try bellyak. Unlike hydrospeed, you use your arms to steer instead of your legs. Options are endless, and the choice of rivers where you can indulge in these activities is vast, from the wildest and most thrilling rivers  the Soča River, the Sava Dolinka, the Sava Bohinjka and the Savinja to those that may look a bit sluggish at first glance, but definitely have their wild sides too; check out Mura, Krka and Kolpa. 

If you want to experience Slovenia with a bird’s eye view, opt for paragliding, hang-gliding, or sky diving. In Slovenia, you can find many take-off sites, 40 of which are registered. The most popular ones are in the Soča Valley, the Vipava Valley, and at Lake Bohinj. If you prefer to stay a little closer to the ground, ride thrilling ziplines, test your skills at adrenaline parks, or hover above the ground in one of the wind tunnels.

Finally, Slovenia has solid ground for adrenaline-filled adventures. Literally. Above and below the surface of the ground, you’ll find a range of exciting activities, from hiking, cycling, and climbing to exploring the country beneath the surface. Cycling adventure seekers will be thrilled to visit one of the bike parks, and those who are interested in exploring the country’s underground will be glad to join one of the hard-helmet cave or mine tours. Definitely worth mentioning are the tours that are also certified with the  Slovenian Unique Experience label,  “In the Footsteps of the First Cave Explorers and “The Kayaking Adventure Through the Underground of Mount Peca”. The first one unveils the hidden corners of Postojna Cave, while the latter takes you on an underground adventure in which you will row through the flooded tunnels of the largest lead and zinc mine in this part of Europe.  

Now that you have most of our ideas for active summer adventures listed here, make sure to combine various activities in different parts of Slovenia to experience the very best of the country from all perspectives. If time allows, make sure to add a cultural vibe to your journey and explore, for example, contemporary urban art or attend one of the summer festivals. 


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