Nature from a Serbian perspective

Are you driven by discovering new territory and pushing boundaries? If yes, Serbia is for you! Although extreme sports aren’t for everyone, they are increasingly popular. More and more young people and the young at heart are trying them out. Zlatibor is a favorite destination for adrenaline-inducing challenges, for both experienced adventurers and beginners, yet is not yet well known. Here are four reasons why Zlatibor is the ideal place for all adrenaline junkies.

A unique quad ride

Have you ever wanted to drive the popular quads, e.g., off-road four-wheelers, for an exciting mountain ride? At Zlatibor mountain you can use these vehicles to visit all its slopes. Discovering new vantage points and forest corners completely hidden from people’s eyes makes the ride unforgettable; being in nature and recreation areas in quads made Zlatibor famous among active vacation lovers and adrenaline chasers. If you haven’t ridden a quad yet, we strongly recommend you find time for this fast, unforgettable ride.

Bridge beautiful landscapes with a zip-line

Ziplines were originally used to bridge rivers and gorges where building a bridge was impossible. This exciting means of being suspended from a steel cable to cross between two points has become a very popular adrenaline experience.

Imagine yourself observing the Zlatibor landscape passing below you from a few hundred meters up. You can do this at several places on the mountain. Whether it’s your first zipline ride at Adventure Park or Tornik, or you dare to ride the longest zip-line in Serbia at Ljubiš, the excitement attracts tourists to Zlatibor with the sense that it’s something they have to try at least once in their lifetime.

The sky is not the limit here

Feel free to fly like a bird! Only for the bravest, Zlatibor’s tourist offer includes paragliding as well. Thanks to its suitable terrain and air currents, paragliding at Zlatibor has become very popular in recent years. With experienced instructors guiding you, you can be sure of “touching the clouds”. For all those who have dreamed since childhood of flying like a bird, this is a golden opportunity to realize it — because the sky is not the limit at Zlatibor.

Ski the trail of dreams

Maybe this beautiful mountain is not the first one you associate with skiing, but no one who has felt the winter magic on its peaks here has regretted the journey. Whether you ski on high Tornik, on Obudojevica, or on one of the slopes for beginners, the run will be unforgettable. The ski season at Zlatibor includes additional activities such as Nordic skiing, biathlon on ideal terrain, snowboarding, a ski school and much more. This is why you should put Zlatibor on your map for this winter!

Plenty of other opportunities for an active vacation are available on Serbia’s most famous mountain — these are just sa few of the ways to get your blood pumping. If you’re an active vacation fan, Zlatibor is the right place for you.


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