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Hungry for a truly new travel experience? How about searching for opals in the world’s oldest opal mines? Spending the night in the invisible hotel where every room is unique and at a different address? What about storing some of your love in a vault created from the verses of the longest love poem ever written? Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, will awaken your zest for an unforgettable adventure!

Fly to Košice, which never sleeps, the second largest city with the soul of a capital. Book a tour with famed local guide Milan Kolcun and listen to fascinating stories from the city’s history dating back to the 13th century. While walking the longest city promenade in the country, be sure to visit the dazzling Cathedral of St. Elisabeth, the largest, and for many, the most beautiful church in Slovakia. Start exploring the city from the comfort of your bed at the unique Invisible hotel. Its five rooms were designed by local artists and each offers you a new perspective on Košice. Spend the night in the room lined with impressions of ducats depicting the famous Košice Gold Treasure. Plunge into the city’s live panorama through augmented reality in the interactive room which celebrates the fact that in 2017 Košice joined the prestigious UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Media Arts. Plan a trip around all the murals in the Open Mural Gallery, or visit the room that will bring that bold, local street art scene to you. A curated selection of tickets, provided by the hotel, will enhance your insider’s experience of the city. If Košice becomes too small for you, you may comfortably visit 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within 100 minutes by car from the city.

Are you a real treasure hunter? Then embark on an adventurous journey into the oldest opal mines in the world, located only 23 km from Košice. The gemstone from these mines, with its perfect play of colors, was particularly adored by the family of Napoleon: Empress Josephine proudly wore the most famous piece, called Fire of Troy. Even Harlequin, Europe’s largest opal, now exhibited in Vienna, comes from Slovakia. Explore tens of kilometers of corridors full of secrets and during the last hour of your tour you will have the chance to extract a precious gem, using the same tools used 150 years ago!

Another extraordinary underground experience awaits you in picturesque Banská Štiavnica in central Slovakia. Situated in hills that are remnants of a gigantic volcano and once held central Europe’s richest silver mines, the town (also inscribed on the UNESCO list) has recently wowed the world with its one-of-a-kind love bank. Make your significant other feel special and store a token of your love for eternity in one of the boxes created from the world’s longest love poem, entitled Marína. It is purely Slovak and based on the real love story that happened between poet Andrej Sládkovič and his only true love, Marína, more than 175 years ago. You can experience it only in Slovakia!

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