Taste of Stockholm

At the beginning of June, Stockholm is a particularly attractive destination for gastronomy lovers when the ‘Taste of Stockholm’ takes place. The festival is held in the King’s Garden (Kungsträdgården), a park in central Stockholm, and celebrates the best of Swedish gastronomy. It brings together producers, chefs and restaurants offering visitors new ideas and experiences about cooking and food.

This five-day presentation includes a lot of special gastronomy activities that will excite those passionate about food and culinary art: Pop-up restaurants that feature some of Sweden’s best chefs; food seminars; cooking jam sessions where Swedish and invited chefs from other countries collaborate, explore and cook together; cookery duels between chefs, a forum for the new way of eating, street food and food trucks are only some of the festival’s experiences to be enjoyed.

The event also celebrates wine and there is an area that is completely dedicated to exploring what’s new and interesting in the wine world. Guests can also participate in beer and coffee seminars covering all types of culinary interests.

During the day the focus of the event is completely on food and drink however in the evening this is mixed with some of Sweden’s best artists.

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