Clarenbridge Oyster Festival

The Clarenbridge Oyster Festival celebrates this year its 61th Anniversary. Starting September 6th through to the 14th, headline acts such as The Stunning, Amazing Apples and the Galway Bay Jazz Band will make this a truly memorable occasion.

The Clarenbridge Oyster festival is a celebration of the native Oyster, of the history of this beautiful village and of the energy of a vibrant and modern day community respecting tradition.The oysters are harvested from the surrounding shallow seas, protected from the worst winter storms and worked on by the Oystermen with generations of expertise. The festival marks the beginning of the new Oyster season – a tradition in existence since 1954 when the great Paddy Burke hosted the first Clarenbridge Oyster Festival. A lot has changed since the first festival but the philosophy remains the same.

The weekend begins with the Market day, which showcases the town’s traditional wares such as crafts, food, music, song and dance.

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