Experience a truly movielike winter wonderland

Latvia in winter is just like the movies where you see the snow slowly falling, Christmas lights everywhere, and someone sitting by a window at a small café, drinking a cup of hot cocoa. Have you already imagined this view? It can become your reality if you choose to visit Latvia in the wintertime.

Celebrate the Winter Solstice the way our Latvian forbearers did and observe the old Christmas traditions by going to the block-pulling event at the Open-Air Museum. The Winter Solstice is a celebration of joy for the victory of light over darkness, when the sun turns once again towards spring after the longest night of the year. This holiday revives various traditions, such as performances by folklore ensembles, markets, creative workshops, master classes and a festive feast.

Christmas is approaching, and one of the signs is the Old Town Christmas Fair in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, with sweet-smelling mulled wine, roasted almonds, glittering glazed gingerbread and local handicrafts. The Old Riga Christmas market is a must when visiting Latvia in the wintertime. You can add to the gourmet experience by preparing your own unique chocolate at the Laima Chocolate museum.

You might be little bit surprised by what Latvia has to offer in the wintertime. Did you know that Latvians have quite a few wineries? That’s right! Latvians have been making wine for years, not only from grapes, but also from fruits, berries, and even flowers! Visiting wineries could definitely surprise you and put you in a real holiday mood.

There’s also something magical about towns in the regions of Latvia and we suggest you experience local cultures by visiting places and events outside of Riga.

Ogre city is the place you need to include in your winter destinations – the whole city becomes illuminated with Christmas lights and brightens the dark evenings. You can enjoy a scenic walk along the river or cross-country skiing or even a dogsled ride through the snow in the Ogre Blue Hills nature park. The city of Ogre is a convenient destination because it’s close to Riga and easily accessible by public transport.

Jelgava city is also a stone’s throw from Riga and is accessible by public transport. It’s a well-known winter destination because the city hosts the International Ice Sculpture Festival, which will take place in 2023 from February 3rd -5th.

If you feel more adventurous, we suggest going to Latgale, in the eastern region of Latvia. This area is well known as the land of blue lakes, rich with traditions and friendly people. Latgale is also a perfect winter destination with so many activities, events, and sights it might become the highlight of your winter visit to Latvia!

Choose to visit Latvia and make your winter wonderland fairy tale come true.

Choose your favorite piece at the ice sculpture festival in Jelgava, Latvia
Choose your favorite piece at the ice sculpture festival in Jelgava, Latvia.

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