Lemon Festival

Every year the city of Menton (also known as “Cité des Citrons” (City of Lemons), in the Alpes-Maritimes celebrates this local product. The Fête du Citron is unique in the world, featuring giant designs made exclusively from citrus fruits and floats decorated with oranges and lemons.

Ever since the 15th century, Menton has been a major producer of lemons. At the beginning of the 20th century, this Mediterranean city became the biggest producer of this fruit on the continent. In 1929, an hotelier came up with the idea of organising a flower and citrus fruit exhibition. It proved so successful that the following year, the festival spilled out into the streets with carts carrying orange and lemon trees. It became increasingly successful over the following few years and so in 1934, the municipality decided to create the Fête du Citron.

Lemon Festival. © FÊTE DU CITRON ®
Lemon Festival. © FÊTE DU CITRON®

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