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Get inspired by Germany’s wide range of exciting activities. Germany is often called the land of poets and thinkers, yet you can find all kinds of art in Germany. Whether you’re someone who likes to go out in nature and be enchanted by stunning scenery or you marvel at literature, art, and museums between our cities and countryside, inspiration can be found everywhere.

Fine arts and literature in German cities

In addition to classic museums, many other attractions can inspire you. With more than 6,800 museums and galleries in total, Germany offers enormous exposure to art. From exhibitions about ancient history to retro computer games, exciting and unusual experiences await! If you’re intrigued by a multi-sensory museum experience, visit the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, where you can taste fresh chocolate from a fountain and create your own bar of chocolate.

Berliners and visitors enjoying James-Simon-Park in summer, with Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island for company. © Lookphotos / Sabine Lubenow.
Berliners and visitors enjoying James-Simon-Park in summer, with Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island for company, © Lookphotos / Sabine Lubenow.

A maritime museum adventure awaits at the Dresden on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Rostock. On this ship, the largest floating museum, you can learn about the history of shipbuilding and take a look into the engine room or the bridge.

Moving to Germany’s south and east, you can follow the footsteps of Germany’s poets and thinkers by walking through the streets where Goethe and Schiller once wandered. A good place to start is Frankfurt am Main, the home of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This city is one of the most important literary cities in Germany. It is home to the German National Library and the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and hosts the International Book Fair.

Dazzling lights of Frankfurt/Main, with a view of St. Katharine's Church and the Hauptwache. © Messerschmidt / Joachim Messerschmidt.
Dazzling lights of Frankfurt/Main, with a view of St. Katharine’s Church and the Hauptwache, © Messerschmidt / Joachim Messerschmidt.

Find out more about Goethe’s famous novels at the Goethe National Museum or his residence in Weimar, Thuringia. The poet also lived in Leipzig, Saxony – a city you mustn’t miss – where he both studied and wrote Faust, which became his best-known work over the years.

Classical, elegant Weimar. © Weimar GmbH / Maik Schuck.
Classical, elegant Weimar, © Weimar GmbH / Maik Schuck.

Sustainable experiences in Germany’s countryside

Leaving the cities, we move on to adventures in Germany’s diverse nature and breathtaking scenery. Whether in the north or the south, nature lovers can discover beautiful landscapes everywhere.

Did you know that one of the best places for stargazing is in Westhavelland, in the north of Germany? The Dark Sky Park is one of the darkest spots in the whole country. To make the best of your visit, take one of the guided tours of the park or attend a photography class.

Germany’s highlights can also be discovered more actively – for example, on one of more than 250 long-distance bike paths. Little could be more inspiring and motivating while cycling than a magnificent, panoramic view of the Alps. Plan a ride on the Allgäu Cycle Loop, a 475-km-long cycle tour through the Allgäu. On your journey, you will pass fascinating cities, and you will be able to see important monuments such as the famous Neuschwanstein castle.

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