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Embark on a captivating journey through Slovakia‘s cultural heritage on routes revealing surprising history at every turn. Visit ancient castles that welcomed Cyril and Methodius, precious Jewish pilgrimage sites, and remnants of the Iron Curtain.

The Cyril and Methodius Route

Experience rich Slavic heritage along the Cyril and Methodius route, which links 9th century sites associated with the Thessaloniki brothers’ pilgrimage to Great Moravia. Rely on the Storymap guide for details of route stops in western Slovakia and information on accommodation, dining, and other attractions. Follow in the footsteps of the creators of the first Slavonic alphabet and explore two important centers of the Great Moravian Empire: Devín Castle in Bratislava, and Nitra. Nitra is Slovakia’s oldest town and will capture your heart with its castle and beautiful calvary. Visit Hronský Beňadik for its uniquely styled Benedictine monastery. 

Slovak Jewish Heritage Route

This route takes you to 26 remarkable sites of Jewish heritage across Slovakia. Starting in Bratislava, you’ll find a pilgrimage site renowned worldwide for Orthodox Jews. The Chatam Sofer Memorial was built on the burial site of 23 eminent rabbis and scholars, including the revered Chatam Sofer. Nearby Trnava has two synagogues, each offering a unique experience. Immerse yourself in modern Slovak art in the neo-Romanesque Status Quo Ante Synagogue, which houses the Ján Koniarek Gallery. For delicious coffee and homemade desserts served in an artistically detailed setting, head to the café in the former Orthodox synagogue. Be sure to stop at the early 19th-century, nine-bay synagogue in Bardejov in eastern Slovakia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a taste of Moorish architecture, visit the synagogue in Prešov. Enamored of its richly decorated interior, a group of Jewish people in Los Angeles attempted to move it to the US in the 1990s. 

EuroVelo 13: the Iron Curtain Trail

Austria is only a stone’s throw away, but for almost 50 years remained unattainable due to the Iron Curtain, which separated Europe into East and West with barbed wire fences and military patrols. Delve into this period of history on a cycling journey along EuroVelo 13. This route runs through 20 countries, including a 90km stretch in Slovakia. Be sure to see the Iron Curtain Memorial, unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008, beneath Devín Castle. Visit the Petržalka district’s World War I military cemetery and pre-World War II concrete bunkers. The Petržalské bunker thematic route offers guided tours showcasing impressive exhibits such as reconstructed firing ranges with original anti-tank guns. Along the border with the Czech Republic, you will be treated to stunning natural scenery, an abundance of wildlife, and the picturesque villages of the Záhorie region. 

Choose from many cultural routes crisscrossing the country’s diverse landscape and let Slovakia surprise you! 

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