Coffee culture in Europe is alive and well. A long-standing tradition full of great stories from centuries past, today’s coffee experiences range from yesteryear historic to very 21st century.  Europeans love their coffee culture and café life; what happens over a coffee, be it espresso or latte, hot or iced, is just as important as what’s in your cup. Visit famous cafes, historic or hip—be sure to indulge in the local treat served with your drink. Try as many as you can! Meet talented baristas and learn their secrets! Find your favorite way to take part in Europe’s delicious coffee culture.

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Exploring Europe’s creative cities with coffee as my guide

Coffee is my passion. Café culture led me to new friends and experiences.

Coffee in Europe whispers stories

Come, follow the Historic Cafés Route!

Coffee wanderings in Slovakia

Let the aroma guide you to new experiences!

Coffee pleasure, the Greek way

Nourish your body, mind, and soul!

Serbia`s coffees and kafanas

Delight in a coffee anywhere, anytime.

Portugal: Coffee Culture

Drink coffee the local way: small, strong, often!

Czech tips for coffee lovers

Drink great coffee in unique atmospheres.

The best brew in Estonia

Use local experts’ tips for Tallinn’s coffee scene.

A cup of coffee in Slovenia

Try top spots and experiences for coffee lovers.

Across Poland with coffee

Try captivating Polish cafés!

Croatia and its great coffee

Locals love it and you will, too.

Switzerland’s coffee culture

Come drink coffee like the Swiss.

Coffee & cycling in the Netherlands

Combine these favorites at Lola Bikes & Coffee.

Ireland’s coffee culture

Discover the best of Ireland’s brews.

Alchemists of flavor in Belgium

Taste Flanders’ gift to the world.

Spain’s charming cafés hold secrets

Drink in colorful history along with your coffee.

Enjoy German cuisine

Bread, wine, beer, and beloved traditional recipes.

Coffee culture in Cyprus

Enjoy a traditional Cypriot coffee shop experience.

Coffee rules in Luxembourg

Specialty, classic, and funky coffee shops abound.

A coffee cup full of tradition

Follow the Historic Cafés Route!

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