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“…and she knows secret ways of preparing the drink, which is black as coal, transparent as amber, fragrant as mocha, and thick as honey”

This quote from Pan Tadeusz, an epic poem written by one of the most outstanding poets of Polish Romanticism, Adam Mickiewicz, can be an excellent incentive to explore vibrant Polish cities, romantic towns, and other unique places that you can admire while enjoying…coffee. There are plenty of places like this, so let our ideas inspire you and get to know our country with a cup of delicious coffee!

Royal coffee – the Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw

The locals’ favorite place for Sunday strolls in Warsaw, the Łazienki is a park-and-palace complex most famous for its relaxing green areas and the magnificent Palace on the Island. It is the most beautiful park in the Polish capital, and at the same time one of Europe’s largest garden complexes. Sit down and relax in one of the charming cafés in Łazienki. While sipping good coffee, travel back in time to the reign of the last king of Poland, Stanisław August Poniatowski. Łazienki is a perfect place to relax and admire historic monuments from Poland’s royal past. Whether you want to see the Chopin statue, take a selfie in front of the Palace on the Island, or simply enjoy the views and sounds of an authentic Polish park, Łazienki is the place.

The perfect place to say hello to Chopin's staute in Royal Łazienki Park, Warsaw, © NTO (POT).
The perfect place to say hello to Chopin’s staute in Royal Łazienki Park, Warsaw, © NTO (POT).

Cafés and synagogues – the Kazimierz in Kraków

Between the Old Town and Wawel Hill lies the former Jewish district, the Kazimierz, where tourists head to enjoy traditional kosher dishes in one of the many restaurants following Jewish traditions. Synagogues and other monuments of Jewish culture, cobblestone streets, numerous galleries, antique shops, cafés, and restaurants, as well as the legendary street food called zapiekanki (French bread pizza), served in Plac Nowy, all form a mixture that you simply won’t find anywhere else. All these elements contribute to the charming and unique atmosphere of the place. Enjoy coffee in one of the many cafés and restaurants along the Jewish Heritage Route and experience the unusual atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the restaurants in the Kazimierz in Kraków © NTO (POT)
One of the restaurants in the Kazimierz in Kraków, © NTO (POT).

Experience the taste of coffee deep underground – Wieliczka Salt Mine

Have you ever had coffee 125 meters underground? In Poland, not only can you enjoy invigorating coffee drinks so deep down in the earth, but also have a delicious lunch or a sumptuous feast. Try the unique dried beef tenderloin, aged underground in the original Wieliczka salt, and the excellent Nalewka liqueurs, also prepared deep in the mine. This is all possible in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which together with the Bochnia Salt Mine was entered on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. It is guaranteed that you will experience more than expected. You will breathe air free of dirt and allergens and discover the secrets of therapeutic salt properties – the Wieliczka Salt Mine is also a health resort!

The deep-down corridors of Wieliczka Salt Mine, © NTO (POT).
The deep-down corridors of Wieliczka Salt Mine, © NTO (POT).

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