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Aroma. Taste. Experience. That is how you recognize a sip of great coffee. We will show you where to enjoy one of the ten best espressos in Europe, take you on a tour to an ancient city that has fallen in love with modern coffee culture, and explore the museum with the world’s largest mosaic of coffee beans. Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, welcomes all caffeine fans!

Passionately roasted, worldwide awarded

Ready to savor a carefully crafted composition of premium coffee varieties that became the winner of the prestigious Great Taste 2020 in the category espresso? Head to the Ebenica Coffee roasting plant in Modra. Peek into its fragrant backstage with state-of-the-art technology and learn more about the process of making caffeinated bliss: from the arrival of green coffee beans from all over the world to their roasting. Whether you prefer bitter or fruity flavors, there is something for everyone in their portfolio. Best served within one of Slovakia’s most stylish traditional souvenirs: a ceramic mug with Modra decor.

Roads of all coffeeholics lead to Little Rome

That is one of the popular nicknames of Trnava, one of the oldest towns in Slovakia, since it was the religious and cultural center of the Hungarian Kingdom for almost 300 years. Another one: “The Capital of Cafés”. From many, be sure to visit the stylish Synagogue Café located in a former Orthodox synagogue. The impressive space, offering sophisticated details not only in terms of unique architecture but also art, is complemented by first-class coffee and homemade desserts. And what about stepping into Czechoslovakia’s Golden Era from the 1920s? Enter the Thalmeiner café within Nádvorie (The Courtyard), the space of contemporary culture. Its beautiful mosaic floor, walls with stucco flowers, and solid, high-quality furniture are a feast for the eyes. Its unbeatable brunch menu, including top-quality coffee, is served here with a view of Trinity Square and the 60-meter Renaissance Town Tower, the most visited attraction.

A tempting cup with Dracula

Another unusual experience is waiting for you in the northern region of Orava. It will impress you with its forested hills and slopes dotted with fields. So will the atmosphere of South America above the village of Klin, where the statue of Christ, styled like the landmark of Rio de Janeiro, stands. The Oravakafe museum near Krušetnica will tell you the story of coffee beans from their green beginning to their delicious end via the world’s most giant coffee bean mosaic and a rich collection of old coffee grinders and rare coffee machines. Ask the barista for advice and choose among coffee varieties from Colombia, Honduras, and Peru. Then stop at the impressive 13th-century Orava Castle that “acted “in the iconic horror movie Nosferatu or the Netflix series Dracula. Enjoy it with a sip of freshly ground coffee from Slovakia!

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