Combine these favorites at Lola Bikes & Coffee

Just as the Dutch love their cycling, they also take great pride in their coffee. What better than to combine the two?

Enter Lola Bikes & Coffee, located in the heart of The Hague. On a lively street filled with a variety of boutiques, galleries, and restaurants sits Lola Bikes & Coffee – a bicycle shop and coffee bar in one. This is where coffee lovers and avid cyclists come together.

Most cycling clubs in the Netherlands are informal: think of a group of friends that meets at a specific location every Saturday and then goes cycling along a beautiful route. Groups like these are always looking for a nice place to stop and relax for a while during or after a ride. Lola is the ideal spot to enjoy good coffee without worrying about your bike, because you can bring it inside with you.

Lola Bikes & Coffee strives to do two things really well – good coffee and nice bikes. The coffee is roasted in-house and the milk comes from the shop’s own cow. They also make special bicycles and do custom-made projects. Organic products are used whenever possible. For example, the bicycle lubricant is made without chemicals. There are also a lot of worthy initiatives within Lola’s community, such as the Team Amani Foundation, which offers opportunities to cycling talents in Africa.

Cheerful smiles, great coffee, and cool bikes greet you at Lola Bikes & Coffee, © NBTC/Bring Yourself.
Cheerful smiles, great coffee, and cool bikes greet you at Lola Bikes & Coffee, © NBTC/Bring Yourself.

But who is Lola?

Cycling can have a slightly masculine image, which can make it feel less accessible to women. Women also love cycling, but they don’t necessarily want to dive into that macho culture. Lola provides a more inclusive, less testosterone-fueled alternative. Half of the cycling club consists of women. Fun fact: everyone thinks Lola is the barista behind the bar, but any of the baristas could be “Lola”. The idea of Lola has morphed into an almost mythical story about a girl who went on a world trip by bicycle.

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