Specialty, classic, and funky coffee shops abound

“We are a strong and growing community, and we want to put Luxembourg on the map,” explains Tiago Ferreira, co-owner of Intense Coffee in the quiet Limpertsberg neighborhood.

He and his partner, Melani Gomes, both native Luxembourgers, are part of a new generation of coffee shop owners in Luxembourg City who are conscientious about their sourcing and passionate about roasting and brewing.

Here are some top picks, both new and established: 

  1. Florence Speciality Coffee (69a, Rue Adolphe Fischer, Gare district) offers beans only from East Africa, and its enthusiastic regulars cannot get enough. If it’s available, try the Ethiopian Agaro, from the Jimma region. Owner Kelsey visits every producer to make sure that the farmers are taken care of. “We’re a small coffee shop on a big mission,” she says.  
  2. Bloom (101, Rue Adolphe Fischer, Gare district) sits on a calm corner overlooking a playground. Inside you are met with cozy, wooden decor and baristas who are eager to please. Bloom gets its beans from the Barn, the master roastery based in Berlin. Their cappuccino, strong and creamy, is the perfect thing to perk you up at any time of the day. Tip: ask for the banana toast it comes with homemade espresso butter.  
  3. Cereal Lovers (11, Place du Théâtre, Upper town), located in a quiet nook, is an ideal place to catch up with a friend and sip your coffee. Their beans come from Mokxa, a French specialty roaster that ensures its suppliers are paid fairly and that its products are of very high quality. The helpful staff will guide you through their surprising range of beans, each coming with fun tasting notes. 
  4. Maison Santos (55, Grand-Rue, Upper town) has been located on the capital’s main shopping street since opening in 1928. While you can – and should – stop in for a cup, it’s mainly a roastery. Classy and conscientious, the beans are dispensed from beautiful brass containers that are at least 100 years old. Maison Santos was the first coffee roaster in Luxembourg to offer Fairtrade products. Sipping one of their rich Italian espressos is a step back in time. 
  5. Knopes (11, Avenue de la Porte-Neuve, 18 Rue Dicks) is a renowned Luxembourg roaster, and with two snug drink-in spots, one near the Grand-Rue and another in the Gare district, it’s easy to stop in for a tasty caffeine fix. Try any one of their fresh roasts, lovingly brewed in an individual Kalita pot, and your coffee becomes a special experience. 
  6. Ready?! (35, Avenue du Bois, Limpertsberg) is the community coffee shop of your dreams, where you can hang out, read a book, and kick off your shoes. In addition to solid coffee offerings – among which the strong, creamy flat white does nicely – the other stars are the welcoming staff, comfy furniture, and garagechic decor. 
  7. Intense (61, Avenue Pasteur, Limpertsberg) has been new on the coffee scene since the summer of 2022 and has already earned plenty of praise from dedicated coffee people. The coffee shop represents a new wave, expressed here through decor that is unlike other coffee shops: high ceilings, plants galore, and a nearly open bar. Their piccolo – a precisely pulled shot of espresso and a bit of steamed milk and foam – is perfection.

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