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Coffee culture in Switzerland has a long history. Since the 17th century, coffee houses have been meeting places in Neuchâtel and Geneva, among other cities. Since the country is a blend of European cultures – German, French, and Italian – to this day, the coffee scene is quite diverse. The Swiss are among the biggest consumers of coffee on the planet; almost three-quarters of the world’s coffee trade happens in Switzerland. A little-known fact about how strongly the Swiss feel about their coffee is that when the government decided to scrap its strategic coffee bean reserve due to budgetary constraints, a viral reaction sparked among citizens who consider a strong cup of coffee vital for kick-starting their day.

How the Swiss love to drink their coffee


This is probably the most popular form of coffee in Switzerland. Get your perfectly brewed espresso and add some cream. Voilà, you have yourself a kafi-crème.


A schale is usually served in a big cup or bowl. It is essentially coffee with milk. However, it has less milk than a latte macchiato and is not as frothy as a cappuccino. It’s perfect for mornings when you think only a large serving of coffee can get you through the day.

Kafi Luz or Luzerner Kafi

If caffeine doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to add something fanciful. Kafi luz, a coffee cocktail, is made with coffee, sugar, and Träsch. Träsch is a pear brandy produced with pear and apple pomace, which is enjoyed mainly in Central Switzerland. This is the coffee for warming yourself up from within on a cold winter day.


Espresso is a dark, strong brew served in small cups. The drink is so effective because it gives you that “snap” that wakes you up and feel alert. Many people like their coffee as an espresso, strong and dark, but you can choose to have your coffee the way you like it.


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