Glide along the railways of Europe to enjoy ever-changing scenery and relaxing travel – sustainably. If you’re city-hopping across the continent, the fast major lines get you there in record time. For maximum flexibility, pop your vehicle onto a car train to cover big distances and explore locally on your own. Would-be time travelers exult in voyages on iconic lines decorated à la yesteryear yet equipped with modern comforts. Stunning views and exhilarating rides over amazing feats of engineering punctuate travel in mountainous regions; train enthusiasts will be captivated by seeing and riding vintage locomotives. Keep a lookout for themed train tours that offer sightseeing excursions and guides, and visit places you might not even consider driving to! Rail travel in Europe is convivial, exciting, and easy: all you do is board your train and relax while the world rolls by – until you reach your next destination!

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