Beautiful views on the world’s longest tram line

The Flemish coast is a treasure chest of delights: sun, sea, beach, outdoor art, heritage and much more. Discover this wealth via the longest tram line in the world, the coastal tram. 

It’s impossible to describe the Flemish coast in a single word. “Beautiful” comes close, but is much too limited. You’ll find sea, beaches of fine sand, and graceful dunes – as well as outdoor art and culture, culinary delicacies fresh from the North Sea, beer brewed with passion and craftsmanship, sports and leisure, history, heritage and much, much more. There’s something for everyone. 

Riding the coastal tram, the world’s longest uninterrupted tram line is a great way to enjoy all these wonders. A ribbon along the 67-kilometer Flemish North Sea coast, the coastal tramline puts you on track for a special voyage of discovery. It’s easy:  from one or the other end of the Flemish coast, at Knokke or Koksijde, the tram will take you to the other terminus via the ten coastal municipalities. A total of 67 stops gives you 67 chances to discover something beautiful. 

From Pier to Belle Époque 

Consider, for example, the Belgium Pier in Blankenberge. This 350-meter-long bridge seems to disappear into the water. A walk on this pier makes you feel at one with the North Sea, the salty sea air, the play of ebb and flow, and the power of the elements. It’s a wonderful place to take a little break, or marvel at the many windsurfers in the area. 

De Haan Aan Zee is another great example. This picturesque tram station catapults you back in time. It was built in 1902 and is a textbook example of Belle Époque architecture on the Flemish coast. The stately villas in the Concessie quarter – where Albert Einstein once spent a summer – exude the same special atmosphere. 

Feel at one with the North Sea when you walk on the Belgium Pier.
Feel at one with the North Sea when you walk on the Belgium Pier. © Toerisme Blankenberge

Ensor, The Crystal Ship & Beaufort Sculpture Park 

You can also discover the Belle Époque in Ostend, a city with many faces. The traditional fishing life and the flair of James Ensor can still be felt here. This Flemish Master spent almost all his life in the city. His legacy is getting extra attention during the celebration Ensor 2024. Meanwhile, his artistic spirit continues to roam the streets. The annual street art festival, The Crystal Ship, transforms the city into the largest open-air gallery in the country. 

Speaking of outdoor art, the whole coastline is actually an open-air museum, and that is thanks to Beaufort. This art event drops its anchor at the Flemish coast every three years. On each occasion, new artistic installations enter into dialogue with the magical coastline. Even if you miss the event, you can in fact enjoy Beaufort at any time. At the Beaufort Sculpture Park, more than 40 works of art from precious editions have already found a permanent home. 

Discover with the coastal tram  

The coastal tram transports you effortlessly along 67 kilometers of beauty, an endless string of highlights. Take your time and immerse yourself in Flanders’ North Sea scenery. 

Take in the many artistic installations of The Crystal Ship in Ostend.
Take in the many artistic installations of The Crystal Ship in Ostend. © Jules Cesure.jpg

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