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“There are few countries where you can see the most impressive natural beauty in such a simple way, and with every train ride you will discover something new”, says Michael Bader, a German who has lived in Montenegro for over 15 years and is in love with its beauty. “The tourist train tour through Montenegro is about 167 km long and takes about four hours and leads through diverse landscapes, from the coast across the plains to mountainous areas.” 

Bader, who has long experience in tourism, describes driving from the seato the north as unique to Montenegro and incredibly special: “In one day, be at the sea, then on the railway that stretches over the cliffs of the steep mountain ridges, pass through the Morača river canyon, along the edge of one of the last rainforests in Europe, Biogradska gora, and then enjoy the rocky mountain ridges, while you observe a variety of landscapes from the wagon and nature, which was here with open arms, is an offer for all ages and types of tourists”. 

From the seaside town of Bar, take an air-conditioned train on Europe’s most challenging railway and photograph the mesmerizing views along with other amazed tourists. The coastal landscape is soon replaced by gently undulating plains. Passing through Sozina, the longest tunnel (6170m), you’ll reach Skadar lake. As the railroad crosses an embankment dividing the lake into two parts, the blues of water and sky merge.  

From small, tranquil fishing villages, picturesque boats take excited tourists to introduce them to bird habitats and islands scattered across the lake, a waterborne idyll. Back aboard, the railway stretches through the fertile Zeta valley, where the blue of the lake is replaced by the green of cultivated fields and gardens framed by flowers and vines. 

The next station is Podgorica, Montenegro`s capital. This is the economic, university, cultural, and business center of the country. On first view of the city, one can get a clear picture of hectic, modern city beating with life.  

The continuation of the road from Podgorica to Kolašin is particularly rich in diverse scenery, and from here the railway passes through a canyon, many tunnels under mountains, and imposing bridges. The Mala Rijeka bridge a masterpiece of bridge construction was until recently the world’s highest railway viaduct.  

“You will be amazed by the sights as you cross the bridge over the Mala Rijeka, the highest railway bridge in Europe, while you observe the gorges from a bird’s eye view from the moving train. While the tunnels and bridges are quickly replaced, the mountains become more rugged. The karst rock “falls” steeply into the canyon. From Kolašin, the railway continues through the mountainous region and offers a view of unreal landscapes”, says Bader. 

Visitors truly appreciate the opportunity to see such wild beauty and experience an exciting ride over the mountains at an affordable price, seeing steep cliffs, the clear river, and endless forests and pastures from the train. 


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