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The Serenity of a Swamp

Contrary to popular opinion, a swamp can be a gorgeous natural place to explore! How do I know? I know because I just spent some time discovering the secrets of Latvia’s wetland Kemeri National Park, a protected zone. That this national park is protected makes total sense to me, given how much there is to protect. In these wetlands there is an extraordinary interaction between the dolomite bedrock and the bogs and ferns, which create a sort of Sulphur water. What’s more, the park is home to hundreds of species of moss, lichen, and fungi—the bedrock of any thriving ecosystem! Last but not least—and especially for all you birdwatchers out there— Kemeri National Park is an important place for birds of all breeds, including the Common Crane, Wood Sandpiper and European Golden Plover. I reveled in watching these avian wonders soar and alight across the park.

The Kemeri National Park drew me in because of all the wonderful nature. But to be honest, I felt most satisfied by the peace I felt while exploring these wetlands. Check below my interview with Agnese Balandiņa, Manager of Nature Education Centre. to discover more of what Latvian nature has to offer.

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