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With perfect riding conditions and a myriad of designated routes to explore, there is no doubt that Cyprus is an island made for cycling! Whether you’re a hobbyist, enthusiast, or professional cyclist, you’ll equally enjoy the thrill of new discoveries, breathtaking backdrops, the favorable Mediterranean climate, challenging surfaces, and that true sense of freedom that cyclists can enjoy traversing various urban and rural areas. While you will no doubt also create your own paths, a comprehensive and interesting network of cycle routes ensures that you won’t miss a thing from the saddle of your bike.

The most popular months for cycling are spring and autumn, which also welcome high-caliber cycling events designed to suit the abilities of elite cyclists and experienced amateurs, while also providing leisure riders with a fun and memorable experience. In the months between, the island is considered to be a first-rate training location, as well as a cyclist’s dream environment just for the sheer love of the sport.

The Cyprus Cycling Federation, a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI),  organizes or supports major events and other competitions throughout the year, while each town has its own dedicated cycling groups which always welcome visitors on their weekly rides. With new networks of urban cycle paths continually being added and joining the designated cycle routes for each region, all you need to do is grab a map or complimentary cycling publication and start pedaling!

Blessed with the beauty of nature’s best palette, the scenery of Cyprus unfolds across glittering coasts, rolling mountains, fragrant forests, and rugged headlands. From the warm shores of the mainland to the unspoiled, cool oasis of the Troodos mountain range, nature lovers, artists, photographers, and explorers will all delight in meeting shy creatures and discovering rare plants that peep from amidst waterfalls, coves, woodland, winding trails, and secluded sandy beaches.

As the island is on the migration path between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus is a birdwatcher’s dream, with flocks of flamingos frequenting the salt lakes and many other significant species passing through or nesting. Deep in the forests, the national animal — the mouflon — roams freely. Catching a glimpse of this timid, wild sheep is a real treat for locals and visitors alike. Exotic and rare forms of wildlife also give Cyprus a special character.

Embark on a cycling adventure in Cyprus and immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and rich wildlife. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, riding along coastal roads, or ascending mountain trails, Cyprus offers endless opportunities for unforgettable cycling experiences amidst stunning surroundings. So, grab your bike, hit the road, and let the journey begin!

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