A bike tour of Flemish green gems

Is there a more enjoyable way to travel than by bicycle? Probably not. Flanders’ Finest Cycle Routes are proof positive of this. These routes take you through surprising landscapes and give you a taste of everything the region has to offer.

Flanders is an absolute dream to explore by bike, and you don’t always have to be a born athlete to do so. Its art cities, with their wealth of history and heritage, are fairly close to each other — so you can pedal from one to another with ease. Between those cities, you will find an abundance of restful greenery. There is always something to do along the way. All these wonderful things are now conveniently bundled together in Flanders’ Finest Cycle Routes, a series of carefully crafted adventures by bicycle for you and your fellow travelers.

Take Cycling through the trees in Bosland, for example. This adventure leads you through the lush forests of Limburg and the impressive National Park Bosland. This is a very special cycling experience with an ultimate high point, literally and figuratively. About halfway along the route, the path starts to rise. Via a double circle, you cycle higher and higher, until you suddenly find yourself ten meters above the ground, on a delightful path between the treetops. Thanks to Cycling through the trees in Bosland, you will discover this jewel of nature from a different perspective, quite literally.

Cycling through the trees puts things in another perspective!

Flanders’ Finest Cycle Routes have much more in store for you. One such route is the Lost Ports of the Zwin Route. This tour starts in the heart of historic Bruges. It leads you via polders, inland dunes and fishing villages to the beautiful Zwin Nature Park. Along the way, you will discover some interesting facts about the ports that were once part of daily life here. Several Virtual Reality (VR) points recount their fascinating story. They will catapult you right back to the Middle Ages. This is an invigorating bike ride during which you’ll learn a few new things, too.

Would you like to combine your cycling adventure with the liquid heritage of Flanders? The Lambic-Geuze Route is sure to be a hit. This tour is a tribute to two particular exponents of Belgium’s rich beer culture. Lambic and Gueuze are tart, complex and refined beers that are only brewed in the Pajottenland and Zenne Valley. Those who conquer this region’s hills and challenging climbs will have more than earned a delicious glass.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. A unique ride through Flanders Fields? A tour in and around the ancient Sonian Forest? A voyage of discovery by the castles along the mighty River Scheldt? A lap of the highlights in Ghent and Antwerp? Get ready for Flanders’ Finest Cycle Routes and cycle your way to adventure!

Flanders' Finest offers a delightful array of cycling adventures.
Flanders’ Finest offers a delightful array of cycling adventures.

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