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Active tourism lovers are delighted with the cycling paths in Montenegro, which allow them to experience its varied and contrasting landscapes from the saddle of a bike. Five paths crisscross the country; especially popular with cyclists are the Durmitor Ring trail, the route around the Bay of Kotor, and the famous “Eight” path. This trail in the north of Montenegro starts in Plav, passing by the lake of the same name and Visitor Mountain, on to Gusinje and back to the starting point, on a route that follows a figure-eight pattern.  Also favored is the route from Podgorica to Virpazar, which offers countless beautiful viewpoints and exciting twists and turns. The route provides excellent opportunities for tourists to visit multiple villages, become acquainted with local people and rural living —  and try local Montenegrin products! No matter which route one chooses, Montenegro by bike offers spectacular views, varied landscapes, and warm hospitality.

Cycling throughout Montenegro along narrow paths through meadows, pastures, and pine forests, on gravel or asphalt, and enjoying gorgeous views of mountains and valleys with rich fauna every second, can never be boring. Every turn along these cycling paths invites you to see, smell, feel, and enjoy your experience — so it’s not unusual for tours to last longer than planned. This is also because turning down invitations for a glass of rakija, forest strawberries or a bouquet of field flowers isn’t always easy to do!

In the last decade, cycling’s exceptional popularity has exploded and had a positive impact on the image of green modes of transportation. Unlike many sports activities, cycling is adaptable to all ages and fitness levels and is always interesting, so it’s very good at luring younger people away from their screens and into nature.

A new group of cyclists has appeared — the electric bike riders. This group is growing steadily, especially in medium hilly and hilly areas. Electric bicycles can allow tourists who are less active to reach more kinds of terrain by bicycle.

You can ride a bicycle all over Montenegro, there is always a road network with clear signage and destination names at each intersection. Cyclists are free to plan their tour independently, using maps and the help of a GPS device, or to follow one of the established routes:

Whichever route you choose and however long your cycling tour in Montenegro lasts, you’ll be happy you made the effort, because in return your body will surely feel energized and your soul filled with beauty.

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