Explore the Hungarian waterfront by bike

Hungary has something for every cyclist in its rich and diverse countryside. Whether it’s a pleasant, flat ride or conquering the hills, Hungary’s beautiful scenery offers plenty of thrills, all near different waterscapes. Discover the most interesting routes!

Specialties around Lake Balaton

Around 200 kilometers of cycling paths weave through all the beauty Lake has to offer. Every cycling enthusiast should ride the Balaton cycle path at least once. Whether you are cycling solo, with friends, or with family around Lake Balaton, no matter how you go about your trip, you are sure to create wonderful memories.

Imagine the sites you'll see cycling around Lake Balaton.
Imagine the sites you’ll see cycling around Lake Balaton.

The Wonders of the Danube Bend

Budapest cyclists’ favorite routes lead to the Danube Bend. One such road lies between Budapest and Szob. You can relax on the banks of the Danube, see the Roman Catholic church and the Rock Chapel, or simply immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the village. Almost all of the bike paths run along the riverbank, and they cross the terrain of Danube-Ipoly National Park several times.

Keep pumping up those winding trails on the Danube for beautiful vistas.
Keep pumping up those winding trails on the Danube for beautiful vistas.

Cycling around Lake Velence

It’s no surprise that one of the country’s sportiest areas is the region around Lake Velence, where you’ll find everything you need for active recreation: an amazing environment and countless opportunities for sports. Hop on your bike and ride around the country’s third-largest natural lake. The 30-kilometer-long tour around Lake Velence is enjoyable for everyone — beginners and veteran riders alike.

Wind down from a day on your bike at Lake Velence.
Wind down from a day on your bike at Lake Velence.

Immerse yourself in nature around Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza, Hungary’s second biggest lake, was created as an artificial reservoir. However, nature soon claimed it as its own. The pristine natural environment deserves cycling around it when you visit, and you can enjoy it as you like. The shorter circuit around Lake Tisza is barely 70 kilometers long, so it can easily be cycled in three to four hours. For the longer 95-kilometer circuit, it’s better to take a whole day, adding rest breaks and time for a little swimming. You can even use the ferry between Ároktő and Tiszacsege as another experience on your list of adventures.  At Lake Tisza, cyclists can find whatever they need at the Cycling Center in Tiszafüred. This is where you can rent a bike if you haven’t brought your own, so it’s the perfect place to start your tour.

Enjoy a pleasant bike trail around lovely Lake Tisza.
Enjoy a pleasant bike trail around lovely Lake Tisza.

The best thing about cycling trips is that they can be tailored to your needs. It’s up to you how much distance to conquer each day, how many days your trip will last, where to stop and rest, and what attractions to visit. The one thing all of these trips have in common? You’ll be riding through breathtaking landscapes!

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