The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route

Wineries with personality and high quality wines

The Association for the touristic promotion Campo de Cariñena Wine Route joins the efforts of several establishments, with the target of offering new proposals around the wine: wineries, which you can visit by prior arrangement, restaurants, rural lodgings, museums, specialized shops…all of them involved to get visitors enjoy the genuine territory through his landscape, monumental, culinary and enological variety.

All of ours wineries have their own personality and also have high quality wines. They offer the possibility of tasting culture, traditions, monuments and spectacular sceneries around the wine to ours visitors.

Wine and Goya, engrave it in your senses

The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route offers so much than wine, visit the zone means tasting all the culture, traditions, monuments and landscapes of our region. The Mountains Range of Algairén, the Mudejar Art or the Huerva River are some of his undeniable attractions; hotels, restaurants, rural lodgings and specialized shops would be interesting for visitors also, in there, they can taste Aragon products.

The architectural jewels of the Campo de Cariñena return to medieval and Renaissance times, even though there are ancient attractions like dinosaurs footprints. But the greatest treasure of the region is the Mudejar, which is World Heritage. 

The Wine Route collaborates with the Goya Foundation of Fuendetodos, programing visits to Goya’s Birthplace and Fuendetodos Engraving Museum.

Cariñena, privileged zone in changing

The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route’s situated in a privileged place, next to city centers like Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. The A-23 dual carriageway goes through his heart. A vineyard sea introduces travelers in a live landscape according to the seasons of the year.

The Wine Route offers a huge variety of experiences, like visiting cultural centers in Cariñena, Aguarón, Longares, Paniza, Encinacorba and Cosuenda, going round the location where Mountain Range, River and Vine join themselves… This is a clear contrast between environment and the medium created by men.

The Grape Harvest Festival is an important appointment that wine lovers have to remember, and the possibility of tasting a varied cuisine, from traditional and typical to the most avant-garde but always elaborated with Aragón’s products and harmonically blending with Campo de Cariñena’s wines, it is a pleasure for the senses. 

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