Wine Growing Region of the Vipava Valley

In addition to the well-known wine grape varieties which grow in the Primorska region, in the Vipava Valley you can also find several indigenous grapes – the harmonious and refreshing Pinela with a delicate bouquet; the wonderfully rich, slightly acidic Klarnica from the sun-drenched vineyards, and Zelén, the sun-kissed ‘king of the Vipava Valley wines’, which local winemakers always offer towards the end of wine tastings as it is indeed a very special wine.

With some luck, wine connoisseurs may come across Dišečka (in translation: fragrant), the oldest, 200-year-old wine grape variety from the Primorska region, which grows on Col (600m). The Dišečka vine bears grapes which produce only 30 litres of exquisite white wine per year. The Vipava winemakers are also renowned for the superb Sauvignon, Rebula (Ribolla Gialla), Laški rizling (Italian Riesling), Beli Pinot (Pinot Bianco), Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other wine grape varieties.


Vipava jota – A local variant of the original Carnian dish. A sauerkraut stew with beans, potatoes, lard, flour, garlic and pepper. Some prefer to prepare it with pickled turnips, fresh cabbage, Savoy cabbage or beetroot leaves.
Bean minestrone – A thick soup made of cooked mashed and whole beans with polenta. Although this is just one of the several Slovenian minestrone varieties, this one is the most widespread.
Šelinka – Šelinka is minestrone-style soup made of celery and celeriac, vegetables, spices and leg of pork. It is served with polenta.
Skuha (Barley Soup) – A stew made of lentils or beans with spices, occasionally barley, and a spoonful of dry wine. Sausages and ham leftovers are also cooked in it.
Vipava prosciutto – A new brand of high-quality ‚pršut‘ (prosciutto), made from the best pork produced in Slovenia.
Nanos cheese – This high-quality dairy product is based on the rich heritage of cattle farming and cheese making on the Nanos plateau, where cheese making was documented as early as the 16th century.
Vipava štruklji (rolled dumplings) – ‚Štruklji‘ (rolled dumplings) are made from leavened dough, cooked in a cloth with fillings of walnuts, cottage cheese, raisins and sugar.


The Slovenian Istria Wine Region

The Slovenian region of Istria is one of the leading wine producers in the country. The fertile soil and climate of Istria are perfect for wine producing and because of it, many varieties of grapes – both red and white – grow in the region. The most important wine grape variety is Refošk (Refosco del Peduncolo Verde), whose grapes are macerated in open vats. A thick and dark, almost violet wine is a symbol of the lasting Istrian wine tradition which also boasts excellent whites.

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