Six captivating, long-distance bike routes

Slovenia is the ideal destination for a biking holiday. You’re sure to find trails suitable for yourself and your family, regardless of fitness level. As the home of world-renowned cyclists Primož Roglič  and Tadej Pogačar, Slovenia has cycling in its DNA and is a paradise for biking enthusiasts. Choose from among these six exciting cycling routes for an unforgettable journey through Slovenia.

1. Bike Slovenia Green

This is the world’s first bike route to connect only destinations with a certificate of sustainability. Starting in Kranjska Gora, cyclists ride through an array of natural wonders, from the Radovna Valley to the Pokljuka forest plateau. The route continues through Slovenia’s most treasured alpine gems, including the iconic lakes Bled and Bohinj, before following the scenic Soča River and continuing to the rolling hills of Goriška Brda and the stone villages of the Karst region. The adventure concludes on the Slovenian coast.

2. Juliana Bike

For a tour of the majestic Julian Alps, opt for the Juliana Bike trail. The route takes you through idyllic valleys, charming villages, and over challenging mountain passes. It comprises seven main stages and three optional ones, covering a total length of 290 kilometers.

3. Drava Cycling Route

If you’re dreaming of an international cycling adventure, look no further than the Drava Cycling Route. Spanning four countries—Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia—this 710-kilometer route follows the meandering course of the Drava River.

4. Parenzana Long-Distance Cycling Trail

For a taste of Mediterranean charm, hop on the Parenzana Cycling Trail. Once a historic railway line, it stretches 130 kilometers along the former railway line between Trieste, Italy and Poreč, Croatia, and offers the chance to explore charming coastal towns and the scenic Istrian hinterland.

5. Jure Robič Biking Trail (D2)

The Jure Robič Biking Trail (D2) is one of Slovenia’s most beautiful biking trails, offering a picturesque 28-kilometer route from Rateče through Kranjska Gora, past Gozd Martuljek, Mojstrana, and ending in Jesenice. This scenic route, nestled in the foothills of the Julian Alps, partially follows an abandoned railway line and crosses several bridges. It is almost entirely separated from traffic, ensuring a safe ride surrounded by magnificent alpine scenery. With well-equipped rest areas and stunning vistas, this trail offers cyclists a memorable journey through Slovenia’s alpine heartland.

6. Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

This 1,250-kilometer trail spans five Central European countries and traverses three major European rivers: the Mura, the Drava, and the Danube. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the pristine riverscapes of the Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve, the first UNESCO Natural Heritage Site of its kind. The Slovenian segment of the trail, covering 20 kilometers, guides you along the serene Mura River, past the towns of Murska Sobota and Lendava, and through the picturesque plains of Prekmurje.

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