Karilyn Owen

Karilyn is #NaturallyCurious about watching whales in Iceland, sleeping in a Finnish igloo-style eco-lodge, hiking Bulgaria's Pirin mountains, and much more! Check the inside scoop Karilyn shared.

Reconnect with nature in Finland

Spending more time than you’d like in front of a screen? Bogged down by daily tasks? We’ve all been there. The ideal way to recharge and recenter is to set out on an adventure, deep in the natural world. A great place for that? My advice is: check out Finland’s Nuuksio National Park!

To help me—and by extension, you!—discover what’s possible in this Nordic paradise is wilderness guide Karoliina Säkö. So, what does Karoliina suggest? First off, visit Finland, Naturally Experiences and Haltia, which can help you get your nature adventure set up. Hoping to come as a family? Even better. These outdoor experiences are perfect for children of all ages. Then, get prepared for picking wild blueberries, lingonberries, mushrooms, and herbs. Organize the right shoes for hiking or electric cycling. Get your appetite ready for fresh smores and Finnish pancakes, cooked over open flame. Perhaps most interesting—at least from my perspective—is the accommodation. You can actually stay in a sky tent, which is suspended between several trees, four or five meters off the ground! Last tip: don’t leave any food lying around. A rascal fox might come and steal it!

To learn more, watch this video!

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