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Glide Down Slovakia’s Crystal Rivers

From my point of view, it’s truly a shame how often Slovakia gets bypassed when people visit Central Europe. Where else are the mountains so majestic, the rivers so clear, the food so good, and the people so nice? The only answer is, you guessed it, Slovakia.

I recently spent several days rafting down the crystal waters of Slovakia’s wild Pieniny National Park. As my raft glided over the cool, clean waters, I felt truly in touch with nature, a sort of untouched nature that I rarely encounter. On each side of the river stood massive mountains, covered in lush, ancient forests. If captaining your own boat seems a little too adventurous, you can also take the alternative: a traditional wooden boat steered by a boatman in traditional mountain attire.

Want to get a sense of what you’ll discover in Slovakia? Check out my Instagram for photos, info and more! Happy exploring!

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