German Grape Harvest Festival at Neustadt / Weinstrasse

With the w.i.n.e.Festival in the historic palace of mirrors. On the day of the election and coronation of the 67th German Wine Queen, September 29th (preliminary round, 19.9 ) the “Haiselscher”, a traditional half-timbered wine village opens on the Saalbauvorplatz with plenty of live music and Palatine specialties. And with the election of the 77th Palatine Wine Queen the w.i.n.e.FESTival starts in the historic palace of mirrors “Bon Vivant” (dating back to the 20’s) on the Hetzelplatz. Following its acclaimed premiere last year there are, once again, national and international wine bars, special events combined with the enjoyment of wine and an international show of grandiose musical performances,  making the w.i.n.e.FESTival with its incomparable atmosphere a “must see” for each lover of wine and culture.

The official completion of the harvest thanksgiving is the winegrower´s procession on the second Sunday in October: More than 150 wonderfully-decorated floats parade through the capital of wine, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, before the big fireworks display on Monday concludes the festival. That is how the Palatinate celebrates!

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