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Experiencing the "Walk of Titano"

What is local ambassador Sara Forcellini‘s best tip when it comes to exploring her home of San Marino? Stay as long as you can! It’s hard to discover centuries of history in this microstate in just a few days! We think she’s spot on, as does our ambassador, Legianti, who interviewed her recently. What’s the best way to approach a trip to this unique place? Sara and Legianti have got you covered. Watch this video for their full conversation, and keep reading for a few of the top tips!

Of course, San Marino has some exceptional food, such as the chocolate covered waffles Sara discusses in the video. But for something more local, try a piadina, a thin flatbread that can contain cheese, ham, or vegetables and is commonly found in San Marino. The bread itself is typically baked fresh in a terracotta oven! Another of Sara’s tips is to venture out into the countryside where there are stunning hills, unforgettable views, and the warmth of the Southern European sun on your face. For all of Sara’s inside tips, watch the video. Happy exploring!

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