Kalix Löjrom

Kalix Löjrom is produced from roe from vendace (Coregonus albula) fished from the sea in the Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden. The geographical land area consists of the municipalities of Piteå, Luleå, Kalix and Haparanda and at sea is delimited by the Åby river estuary to the south and the Torneå river estuary to the north and extending no more than 40 km from the coast. This area consists of 1,500 islands and is a natural spawning ground for vendace.

With a rounded, mild taste of smooth fish oil and salt, it is sold mainly frozen or defrosted, but during the catch period is also sold fresh in smaller quantities. The size of the roe varies during the five-week fishing period, from 0.8 mm in week 1 to 1.3 mm in week 5. The roe is orange in colour and the total salt content is 4,3%. Vendace feed on planktonic crustaceans and insect larvae and the minerals washed into the area with the river water, and it is this feed that distinguishes vendace from other freshwater species.

Kalix Löjrom is produced by hand and requires a high level of expertise. Its preparation includes preliminary rinsing, whisking, sieving, drying, salting and thorough cleaning, and must take place in the geographical area. In particular, the pressing of the roe requires many years of experience and has a major impact on the quality of the product.

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