Kaziukas (St. Casimir) Fair

Kaziukas Fair takes place annually on the weekend closest to Saint Casimir‘s Day (4 March). Kaziukas Fair takes place in the heart of Vilnius. Hundreds of stands and stalls featuring our finest crafts and folk art fill Gediminas Avenue, Šventaragio, T. Vrublevskio, B. Radvilaitės, Maironio, Vokiečių and Pilies Streets.


  1. You can find EVERYTHING (in the truest sense of the word) in one place.
    There is such a wide variety of traders and artisans who take part in the fair, so you’ll be sure to find products satisfying your taste: from unique trinketso real art creations, traditional handicrafts from various regions of Lithuania and numerous examples of modern design.
  2. You can get acquainted with the Vilnius region and Lithuanian traditions.
    Visit Kaziukas Fair – get acquainted with Vilnius and Lithuania. There is no other event that has maintained a tradition for more than 400 years in our swiftly changing country.
  3. You can taste various traditional Lithuanian dishes in one place.
    Tasting dishes at Vilnius’ Kaziukas Fair is the perfect opportunity to introduce your palate to a wide variety of Lithuanian breads, meats, dairy products, honey, herbs and sweets, and of course, Lithuanian homemade beer. Come discover new flavours!

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