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Eat your greens!

Whether you’re into vegetarian, vegan, or sustainable dining, Denmark’s got you covered! These cafés and restaurants are easy to find across Denmark’s larger cities. Whether eating fresh foods grown in an urban rooftop garden or at seasonally dependent, Green Michelin-starred restaurants – you’re bound to fall in love with locally grown and sourced food.

Fine dining with local Danish wine 

Nordic wine, need we say more? Well, yes, actually! Danish wine will add that Nordic twist to your unique gastro experiences. Denmark is, in fact, the northernmost grape-growing area in Europe and has been an official wine-growing country since 2000, even managing to bring home international awards. Denmark’s most commonly grown grape varietals are Cabernet Cortis and Cabernet Cantor.  

It is no secret that the Nordic climate is a little different, which is why it’s an ideal place for producing fruit wines, such as cherry and apple. So, whether you’re with family, friends, or you need some quality time to yourself, we’d recommend diving into the local living and indulging in some locally produced Danish wine.

Exquisite food being prepared for fine dining in Denmark
Exquisite food being prepared for fine dining in Denmark, © Robin Skjoldborg.

Ultimate summer hygge in a holiday cottage 

These cottages are something of an obsession for Danes and with good reason! Many spend their summer vacation in nature, whether by the beach, rivers, or in the forest. This gives space to slow down from the busy pace of normal life, relax and prioritize quality time. These cottages are found all over Denmark and come in all shapes and sizes, from luxury summer homes to cute straw houses. So if city life isn’t for you, try spending time in one of these Danish holiday cottages. We guarantee you’ll become obsessed, just like the Danes. It simply doesn’t get more Danish than this.

A house in the woods on Taasinge, pure hyyge!
A house in the woods on Taasinge, pure hygge! © Kim Wyon.

Cheers to local Danish breweries  

You’ve probably tried a Carlsberg beer or two before. But have you tried locally brewed Danish beer? Even if your answer is yes, Denmark has over 100 microbreweries, so there’s bound to be a new brewery to add to your list. Denmark may be a small country, but they’re a mighty beer nation! The range of quality beer you’ll find is vast. But before you start your bar crawl, you’ll first need to learn to say skål!, “cheers!” in Danish. Now you’re a local! 

Danish beers on at Nørrebro Brewhouse in Copenhagen - which one will you choose?
Danish beers on at Nørrebro Brewhouse in Copenhagen – which one will you choose? © Robin Skjoldborg.

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