Knights and world records in Central Europe

The UNESCO trail in Slovakia leads you to exciting adventures. Listen to centuries-old legends about a castle so impressive it has appeared in movies, or marvel at the details of the largest late-Gothic wooden altar in the world! How about a selfie with the merciless executioner in the cobbled square?

Impenetrable fortress

Not only fans of the Dragon Heart movie are attracted to Spiš Castle, a stunning hilltop fortress nestled beneath the snow-capped High Tatras Mountains in eastern Slovakia. This UNESCO site featured in the movie Camelot as Arthur’s fortress. Spiš Castle is the largest castle ruin in the region; its four-hectare expanse, 800 years of history and medieval atmosphere will surely take your breath away. Watch knights perform or an amazing falconry show. Embark on a special night tour and delve into the dark legends, including the terrifying torture chamber. More into food than into ghosts? Visit the castle’s medieval kitchen! Next on your UNESCO bucket list is charming Spišská Kapitula, called “the Slovak Vatican” because of St Martin’s Cathedral and the Jerusalem-style Calvary.

Unique medieval history

Your UNESCO trail must definitely include nearby Levoča, the former hub of the Hungarian empire from the Renaissance to the Humanism era. Medieval walls surround its picturesque main square with 65 Gothic and Renaissance townhouses and stunning palaces with ornate facades. Stop by the Town Hall to see the 16th-century pillory cage, infamous for punishing women who dared to venture out alone after dark. You should also explore the Basilica of St James; its fourteen Gothic and Renaissance altars are truly extraordinary. One of the altars is considered to be the largest late Gothic wooden altar in the world. It stands over 18 meters tall and was created in 1517 by the famous woodcarver Master Paul.

Sissi’s favorite spa

What about a  fusion of medieval architecture, precious Jewish heritage, and invigorating mineral springs? Stop at Bardejov, another UNESCO-listed town in north-eastern Slovakia that is well known for its fascinating 800-year history. Admire the well-preserved burgher houses with their unique facades and red-roofed gables along the rectangular Town Hall Square. St Egidius’ Basilica has magnificent stained-glass windows and eleven Gothic altars: definitely dazzling. If you stop at the café located in the former bastion, take a selfie with the iconic statue of the local executioner. Visit the local Jewish to discover a wealth of historic buildings, including a meeting house, a ritual bath, and a synagogue with nine vaults, sophisticated décor, and Moorish frescoes. Last but not least, pamper your body and soul in the healing natural mineral waters of Bardejov, praised by Empress Sissi herself. A stroll through Europe’s oldest spa park is a perfect way to unwind after an exciting day full of exploring.

There are many more UNESCO sites to discover in Slovakia. Let us guide you!

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