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Alessandro is just as #naturallycurious as you are. Better yet, he knows about the most stunning outdoor experiences in Europe and is keen to share them with you. Check Alessandro and get inspired!

Dive into nature in Norway

In 1908, a landslide in Western Norway blocked off a waterway, which resulted in the flooding of large swaths of farmland and a village that stood in the valley below. Over a hundred years later, that flooded valley is now a lake (Lygnstøylsvatnet) and the remains of the village still stand. For me, as a #NaturallyCurious traveler, this lake presented the perfect way to literally dive back into history. All I needed to explore this village, frozen in time, was some scuba gear and a sense of adventure. Want to get a sense of what you’d discover if you visited? Here are some pictures I posted about my experience.

But of course the outdoor adventures don’t stop with this dive. Norway is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Consider taking a multi-day trek through the mountains to the Besseggen Ridge. You can even spend the night in a series of cabins along the way. Another idea? Find a foraging guide and go on a hike to search for wild mushrooms, berries, and herbs.

Want more information? Don’t miss my chat with Adrien, wokring as a local guide in Trondheim, giving wonderful tips on local nature and were to fish the best salmon in the country!

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