Óbidos Chocolate Festival

Chocolate is a very suggestive word for everybody but it has a really special and magical meaning in Óbidos, a stunning medieval village located in the center of Portugal, thanks to its annual International Chocolate Festival.

One of the most popular festivals in Portugal and receives almost 200,000 visitors each year, attracted by this sweet experience.

Obidos Chocolate Festival is a long running event that lasts three weeks and includes a lot of activities related to the world of chocolate. The most popular ones are the chocolate sculptures exhibition, authentic art pieces made of chocolate that impress visitors with its details; and the international competitions “Chocolatier of the Year” and  “International Competition of Chocolate Recipes”, that involve professional pastry chefs of chocolate recipes.

Cooking shows, chocolate master classes, body painting, cake design and a list of activities for children, such as performances, storytelling and game are just some of the things on offer to entertain guests. This is an authentic paradise for chocolate lovers and the perfect occasion to discover this picturesque town characterized by its medieval walls, winding streets and old whitewashed houses.

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