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Take a stroll through the locations where The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed, visit an authentic virgin forest, or admire the scenery from the largest rock gate in Europe. Welcome to Czechia!

Let’s start with Šumava, Czechia’s largest national park. It lies on the border with Germany between Železná Ruda and the Lipno Reservoir, where you shouldn’t miss the Treetop Walkway. With its unspoiled countryside and stunning views, Šumava is always a spectacular place. It is a unique natural treasure trove with glacial lakes and the source of the country’s longest river, the Vltava. Another feature worth noting is its lake fenlands, where peat used to be extracted by hand. One absolute must-see is the Boubín Virgin Forest. Other attractions to be found there include The Schwarzenberg Floating Canal.

Bohemian Switzerland from the Chronicles of Narnia

Another star on the list is the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This landscape of rock towns, with their unusual sandstone formations, offers some spectacular viewpoints and rocky trails. Some have names straight out of the movies, such as Dwarf Ravine and Angel’s Stairs. Some have actually starred in films:  The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was shot in a rock town in Tisá. Two years ago, the area was engulfed in a devastating fire, which the breathtaking Pravčice Gate fortunately survived.

Bohemian Switzerland © P. Juračka
Bohemian Switzerland, © P. Juračka

Wild horses

The national park in Podyjí, known as the “Czech Amazon”, spans the exceptionally well-preserved Thaya River valley. With a rich diversity of fauna and flora, where wild horses graze, the whole region is popular with cyclists and wine buffs, as it is the gateway to the wine-growing heart of Czechia.

Podyji National Park © Hoja
Podyji National Park, © Hoja

Krakonoš still guards the Giant Mountains

We can’t forget Krkonoše National Park, whose mountains are still ruled by the mythical Krakonoš and where the Elbe River rises. The Krkonoše, (giant mountains), are the country’s highest and most visited mountain range. Its rugged beauty has also led the region to be declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The most famous spot there is Sněžka, Czechia’s highest mountain. You can hike it up to the top if you want, or go for the easy option and take the cable car. You’ll also find the highest post office in Czechia at the summit.

It’s also definitely worth mentioning the nearby Jizera Mountain Beech Forest, listed as a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site for its important ecosystem.

Krkonoše ©Jiří Jirousek
Krkonoše National Park, © Jiří Jirousek

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