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To get to know Bulgaria, dive in and experience its nature; backpack across the country and gather bouquets of memories and impressions. The variety in Bulgarian nature offers ample opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. Hike around the many eco-trails in the National Parks and preservation areas, observe rare animal and bird species, or visit caves and landmarks.

Bulgaria is in second place in Europe in terms of biodiversity. Diverse natural resources support the existence of over 29,000 animal species, some found only found in Bulgaria, and some facing extinction. Bulgaria has a treasury of endemic plants. Of  3700 in total, 170 are endemic to the country and around 200 to the Balkan Peninsula.

Three national parks, Pirin National Park (a UNESCO Natural Heritage site), Rila National Park, and the Central Balkans National Park, and 11 nature reserves await your discovery.

Pirin National Park

Pirin National Park is famous for its plant diversity and is considered one of the most interesting places in Bulgaria from a botanical perspective, with almost 1,300 plant species within its borders. The most interesting of them all is edelweiss, the symbol of the Bulgarian Tourism Union. Pirin is home to a great number endangered and rare animal species. Overall, it has 160 bird and 45 mammal species – more than 50% of all terrestrial mammals found in Bulgaria. Pirin National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

Find stunning alpine scenery in Pirin National Park
Find stunning alpine scenery in Pirin National Park, ©Ministry of Tourism.

Rila National Park

Rila National Park, the largest park in Bulgaria, is 100 km south of Sofia and includes the central part of Rila Mountain and four conservation areas. Most of the forest in Rila is centuries old and consists of spruce, scotch pine and white fir. The park shelters 57 endemic species, over 3,000 animal species, and 99 bird species.

Admire a bird's eye view of nature in Bulgaria's national parks
Admire a bird’s eye view of nature in Bulgaria’s national parks, © Ministry of Tourism.

Central Balkan Park

Central Balkan Park preserves the amazing variety of animal and plant species of the Sredna Stara Planina (Middle Balkan Range). The park covers  716 sq. km in the heart of Bulgaria. It has centuries-old oak forests, wide ridges, a string of craggy peaks and nine conservation areas. Almost 580 kilometers of tourist routes lead visitors to the wonders of the park’s wild world. Facilities for hiking, riding, biking, photo-hiking, bird watching, and observing plants and mammals round out the offer.

Hike in Central Balkan Park to see, smell, and hear unspoiled nature
Hike in Central Balkan Park to see, smell, and hear unspoiled nature, © Ministry of Tourism.


Srebarna Conservation Park is located 16 kilometers west of the town of Silistra and two kms south of the river Danube. The park covers the self-titled lake and surrounding area, providing habitats for 65 plant species, 41 mammal species, 15 reptile species and 23 fish species. The biggest treasure at Srebarna are the birds: 221 species. In autumn the conservation park is used as a rest stop for the migrating birds on their way to Africa.

You'll find diverse plant and animal life at Srebarna Nature Reserve
You’ll find diverse plant and animal life at Srebarna Nature Reserve.

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