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  1. Grind the cheese three times.
  2. In a large bowl cream soft butter, sugar and yolks.
  3. Cut the vanilla pod in half and scrape the seeds out with the blunt side of the knife. Mix them into the pastry.
  4. Add the cheese and stiffly beaten egg whites. Stir the dough gently. You may add raisins or diced candied orange peel.
  5. Cover the bottom of the cake tin with crushed shortcrust biscuits and then pour the cheese pastry over it.
  6. Bake it in the oven preheated to around 170oC for about 60 minutes.

Apple Strudel with Shortcrust Pastry

This sweet and sour specialty is exceptionally popular with locals and guests alike. The apple strudel filling is made of apples, sultanas, sugar, breadcrumbs, natural flavors, pine nuts, other nuts or almonds and butter. Only South Tyrolean apples and South Tyrolean butter may be used in apple strudel with the seal of quality. All ingredients are natural. Preservatives and other additives are forbidden. Flavor enhancers may not be used either. South Tyrolean apple strudel contains only natural flavors and aromas.


  • 1 kg of cream cheese
  • 200 g of butter
  • 250 g of sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 2-3 tablespoons of potato flour
  • vanilla pod
  • shortcrust biscuits
  • raisins or candied orange peel (optional)

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