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With its large choice of shopping centers, markets, small shops and stores of all kinds, San Marino is a go-to destination for all Shopping Lovers. Here in San Marino, you have the opportunity to find unique products or hunt for special offers and rarities.

San Marino’s historical center is a dream-like setting, with hundreds of different kinds of shops. Here you will discover truly unusual products including typical local craftwork, rare stamps, precious coins, traditional pottery, clothing and shoe boutiques.

If you want to feel like a real local, go on a Thursday morning to the old town of the Municipality of Borgo Maggiore to wander among the stands and shop at the best-known market in San Marino. This Weekly Market has ancient origins, as the first mention of it, when the town was known as Mercatale, is from 1243. This tradition lasted for centuries, alternating with a variety of fairs, especially famous for livestock trading. Today, you can find stands displaying everyday goods of all kinds from food to clothing.  What’s more, every third Sunday of the month from March to December, Borgo Maggiore also hosts the Antiques Market, a very attractive opportunity for the simply curious as well as collectors looking for a particular item.

Mingle with locals at the weekly market in Borgo Maggiore, San Marino.
Mingle with locals at the weekly market in Borgo Maggiore, © @visitsanmarino.

Outside the historic center, along the highway, shopping in San Marino offers shopping arcades, malls, and the recently opened San Marino Outlet Experience, the new-generation outlet. SMOE welcomes you every day to an elegant and stunning environment to let you dive into an immersive shopping journey. The great number of premium brands available meet every luxury need. A real shopping experience to try at least once – and to repeat because it’s really worth it.

Find excellent deals at the San Marino Outlet.
Find excellent deals at the San Marino Outlet, © @SanMarinoOutleExperience.

Let’s continue our shopping route with flavors and fragrances impossible to forget, just like this charming land. San Marino has a rich and varied food and wine tradition. The Consorzio Terra di San Marino shop located in the old town center welcomes all who wish to take home something from this land: the superb extra-virgin olive oil,  honey, tasty cheese, fragrant bread, or the delicious traditional cakes from San Marino, the Tre Monti and Titano cakes. Not to be missed are the wines of the Cantina San Marino; since 1979 the Cantina has produced modern wines with a strong traditional heritage, preserving the small but precious vineyards. The wide selection of wines includes Tessano, Brugneto, Sangiovese, Sterpeto, and Caldese. After a tasting, it is impossible not to buy at least one bottle to take back home.

Come to San Marino, choose the shopping experience you prefer or, even better, try them all!

Savor San Marino's local, typical products.
Savor San Marino’s local, typical products, © @visitsanmarino.

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