Asturias Cheeses Route

Asturias is one of the regions of Spain which produces most milk and, without doubt, one that can boast the best quality too. When it comes to cheeses, Asturias is the principal producing region in Spain and one of its nicknames is the “Country of 40 cheeses” although in reality there are over 50 varieties.

Amongst the different types of cheeses produced in Asturias, four have been awarded Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP), Cabrales, Gamoneu, Afuega’l pitu and Casín, while another, Los Beyos has been awarded Protected Geographical Indicator (IGP). However, aside from these best known varieties there are many other, some from just one sort of milk, other from a mixture of milks, pasteurised or from untreated milk, blue or white, creamy or dry, smoked or fresh, something to suit the tastes of everyone.

Following the Route of the Cheeses visitors can enjoy the beautiful Asturian landscape, dotted with cows, sheep and goats admire the villages and their still-living culture and traditions and enjoy unforgettable experiences with the dairy farmers and cheese producers who will show you the secrets of pasture, animal husbandry, milk production and cheese making.

In these visits you can get to know the processes involved in the production of the different varieties of cheese. You can get to know a traditional dairy farm and learn how the locals live in the country, try a glass of fresh milk, still warm from the cow, visit cheese producers and, of course, try dozen of types of different cheeses.

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